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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 4  Mon Dec 1st

As we get closer to Christmas, it looks as though the Boston Bruins are once again looking like one of the best hockey teams in the NHL.   Fans, who were no-shows to start the season, are starting to fill the Fleet Center once again, to the delights of owner Jeremy Jacobs.   The Bruins even extended Joe Thornton's contract by 1 year today.    Boy do the Bruins Front Office and Ownership look like smart executives.   You know what though sports fans, it's all a SHAM!!!!!  Until the Bruins acquire a big name player or two at the trading deadline (or even before then), why should anyone believe that this team will win a Stanley Cup?    This is a mirror image of last season.   What happened then?   A first round departure.    Whether or not Kyle McLaren is worth the money he's asking for, why not try and sign him anyways, or even trade him for "QUALITY YOUNG PLAYERS" in return, even though that will still prove that it's all about the money for you, Jeremy Jacobs.    Granted, you say you are in owning the Bruins as a business, and as a businessman you are trying to make money.    Imagine if you had a team that fans would sell out the Fleet Center for game in, game out, how much money you would take in then?   It is funny to hear friends of mine tell me how the rumor going around is McLaren and Lapointe for Lindros.    Yeah, give up two veteran money guys for one who is 1 concussion away from ending his career, and would only balance your checkbook out at the end of the day.  "But we tried to get ourselves a big-time player" the front-office would say.   HOGWASH.    Sign McLaren, and improve your defense that much more.   And for those that side with the Bruins after extending Thornton's contract..........he wouldn't be an Unrestricted Free Agent until he's 31 anyways, so even if he becomes a free agent, the Bruins can match any it's not like they were in severe danger of losing Thornton in the very near future anyways.      One more thing, that slipped through the Boston Sports Fan cracks this past week.....did anyone notice that NESN was hiking the cost of it's service???? (NESN is partly owned by the Bruins).