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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 7  Tues Dec 24th

Those who head Division 1 College Football are complete MORONS!

Let me get this straight..........28 Bowl Games, involving just about 1/2 of the Division 1 Football Teams in the Nation.   There are games named after tire companies (Continental Tire Bowl), car companies (GMAC and to some extent Motor City Bowl), and banks (Capital One Bowl).   We have 10 more bowl games than we did just 10 years ago.   Why so many bowl games?    With so many lousy teams involved.

Here are some facts that one should take into viewing all the bowl games this year.   With 28 games, obviously there are 56 teams participating in a bowl game.   Of those 56, 13 of the 56 had 4 losses, and UNBELIEVABLY 23 of the 56 had FIVE OR MORE LOSSES!!!!!!!!!    That's 36 of the 56 bowl teams having 4 or more losses this season.    That's just plain ridiculous!!!!    As one of my colleagues complained before, beyond the BCS games, Bowl games mean absolutely NOTHING to the average sports fan, which is a shame, because College Football is one of the more exciting games to watch.   So far this year we have had 3 Bowl Games played.   Can anyone name the Bowl Game and the teams that played in each one of them?    I probably could, because I don't have much of a life, but most people wouldn't know, and probably wouldn't care.    North Texas vs. Cincinnati was the first bowl matchup this year?    These teams do not generate excitement for the National College fan.   I'll have to admit, the other two games I did watch, Louisville vs Marshall, and Texas Tech vs. Clemson, just for the simple fact that three of these four teams had Quarterbacks that have been in the national spotlight this year.    (On a side note, congratulations to Kliff Kingsbury, who became the 3rd Quarterback in NCAA History to throw for over 5,000 yards in one season......Can anyone name the other two.......answer below).

Will someone from the NCAA once and for all please do something about the number of Bowl Games, and preferably please consider having a playoff.    After two full weeks of watered down football, how much excitement can be generated from an average fan to watch the only bowl games that matter, those on New Year's Day or later.   At one time it was an honor for a school to make it to a bowl it's a joke, and the joke must stop now.

TRIVIA ANSWER:  Ty Detmer, David Klingler (both in 1990)