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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 6  Tues Dec 17th

Theo Epstein's First Week on the Job

So far I cannot say anything bad about the chap.    He's made the effort to make the Red Sox a better team.   Todd Walker and Jeremy Giambi fit into the new mold created by Epstein, to add disciplined hitters to the plate, while also keeping the payroll down.   While most people would say, why hasn't he made the big trade with Montreal, or who may complain that Todd Walker and Jeremy Giambi are not good must look at the Boston Globe article today on Page 2 of the Sports Section to see how much our GM really cares about the team.

"Epstein had plenty else to occupy himself, from continuing to overhaul the bullpen - he remains interested in Rockies closer Jose Jimenez - to trying new ways to pry third baseman Sean Burroughs from the Padres. He also needed to check out of the Opryland Hotel and resolve the matter of the desk chair in his room that just happened to shatter amid his anger over losing potential third baseman Edgardo Alfonzo Sunday to the Giants."

You gotta love the young kid showing this much passion towards his job in Week 1.  The Red Sox brass definitely made the right move in hiring this kid in my opinion, because he's a local kid who grew up knowing what the Red Sox are all about, has received ample experience in San Diego, and shows a passion that fans can relate to.  For that, I give a big thumbs up this week to Theo Epstein.