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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 3  Mon Nov 25th

NFL:   Can the 2002 season trend continue, to expect the unexpected?  St.Louis returns Warner to the field, and loses, to Washington......Jacksonville cannot sweep the Texas two-step.......Houston beats the Giants.....the Colts win in Denver, Cleveland winning in New Orleans.   All in one Sunday's worth of games.   Incredible.   In the "I want to get fired soon" category, Marty Mornhinweg, coach of the hapless Detroit Lions, tells his team to take the direction of the field as the choice if the win the coin toss in OT, as opposed to taking the ball.   Lions won the toss, Bears get the ball, and Paul Edinger kicks a 40 yard FG into "that wind" and the Bears win 20-17.   Our beloved Patriots opened up a big lead, only to let a lousy team (vikings) back into it when the Vikes decide to go no-huddle, and score 17 straight points, to pull themselves within 21-17.  But did you really think that the Vikings, winless now in 16 straight road games (stretching 2 straight seasons) were going to complete the comeback?  Heck no.   By the way, Randy Moss, you are such a great talent and I never bought into the whole I try when I want to bit........but after the way you dogged your team's last play in today's game, you are a sorry brotha.   Former BC Eagle William Green had himself a 2nd straight 100 yard game.   Maybe now he will come into the form he showed as an Eagle.   Priest Holmes for MVP, no doubt about it.  Another MVP caliber day for the Priest, 197 yards rushing, 3 total TD's.   The Chiefs could use a priest for their defense though. 

MLB:    Nothing like a little hot stove baseball around Turkey Time.    If only the Red Sox had anything to report.    This could be about to change though, as the team is prepared to announce that Theo Epstein will become the team's GM, with an announcement to come as soon as Monday (today).   Epstein would become the youngest GM in baseball history (28 years old).   Maybe now the Red Sox will get their act together and fill in all those blanks in the 40 man roster (only 28 players currently on their FORTY MAN roster).  As for the free agency front, the Red Sox are reported after 2 of the better foreign players on the planet, in Cuban defector Jose Contreras and Japanese sensation Hideki Matsui.  The Phillies, once known as the place where players didn't want to play (see Scott Rolen as your latest example) have signed free agent third baseman David Bell, and are in the running for Tom Glavine and Jim Thome.  

CFB:  Another week of college football gone, and it looks more and more like a Miami-Ohio State Fiesta Bowl.   My question to the pollsters though is come Miami dropped from 1 to 2 in the AP poll after they trailed Rutgers in the 4th Quarter (but eventually won the game by 25), whereas Ohio State has barely survived most of their games in a sluggish Big 10 and never dropped?   I never thought I would say this, but I hope Miami can take Ohio State to the toolshed.   Wouldn't a Miami vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl be a better game?!?!?!!?!!  The Heisman Trophy has never been such a wide-open race this far into the season, with virtually a new front-runner stepping up each week.   Another plea to the Heisman voters......PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW KEN DORSEY TO BE AT THE DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB THE NIGHT OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!    Even though Dorsey is the QB for the hottest team the last 2 years, Miami's success has not had anything to do with him.   Please do the right thing Heisman voters, and keep Dorsey at home.   As of right now, my 5 finalist that should be in NYC on Heisman Night:   Willis McGahee, Miami; Larry Johnson, Penn State; Brad Banks, Iowa; Carson Palmer, USC; Chris Brown, Colorado.   Props need to go out to Missouri QB Brad Smith, who became only the 2nd player in NCAA history to throw for over 2,000 yards and rush for over 1,000 yards in one season.   Also, Kudos to the UCONN Huskies, for their win on the road this week over Iowa State.