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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 9  Tues Jan 7th

Officiating........Get it Right, Gosh Darn it!!!!!!

The Football season is winding down both on the College and Pro level, but not without controversy.  Two controversial calls, or in one case non-call, have football fans in an uproar from New York to Miami.   Let's analyze the two plays and see what you think.

NFL, San Francisco vs. NY Giants
The Giants were in position to kick the game winning field goal when the snap was botched, and holder Matt Allen tried to throw a pass downfield, only to see his receiver get thrown down by the San Francisco defender.   The flag was thrown, and even the TV announcers said that it looks like a pass interference.   Yet, when the call was announced, the ruling was Ineligible Man Down Field, on the kicking team, and the game was over.  
In an era where delays in football games are caused by replay reviews, why couldn't the officials "DELAY" making the decision and confer on the field?   This is a playoff game, where money, fame, and fortune are on the line for men who work all year long to achieve a championship.   At worst, the play should have resulted in a) Ineligible man down field (the receiver WAS Tackle Eligible, but it was the other lineman about 3 or 4 yards up the field that the penalty should have been on), and b) Pass Interference on the Defense, which would have allowed the kick to be done over.   WHAT WAS THE RUSH IN MAKING THE DECISION?    The NFL comes out today and tells the whole entire world that the officials made the wrong call, YET EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW THAT.    The NFL absolutely blew this one, both on, and off (why announce the obvious) the field.

College Football:  Miami vs. Ohio State
This one was much worse.   An official decided the outcome of a National Championship Game.   The pass intended for OSU Receiver had fallen incomplete, Miami players began to celebrate, then all of a sudden, a flag is thrown.    The Back Judge signals holding, then pass interference to the Referee.    Granted there was contact at the beginning of the play.........but by the time the pass was thrown, there was no contact, the ball was not catchable, and the game should have been over.   The line judge was close enough to tackle both players on the play, yet, did not throw a flag.    A special moment in College Football History (Miami repeating.......Coach Coker being undefeated in his 2 seasons at Miami) both go down the drain, thanks to an official wanting to decide the game, INSTEAD OF THE PLAYERS DECIDING IT ON THE FIELD.