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Sports with the Skip     Volume 1, Edition 11   Wed Jan 22nd

A Day at The Royal Rumble

I had never been to a wrestling event before, and thanks to an invite from my old pal Douce, off we went to the FleetCenter this past Sunday Night to enjoy one of the more popular PPV events for the WWE, the Royal Rumble.  

After enjoying a fine buffet up in the Promenade section of the Fleet Center, the matches began.   What I was really surprised about was how real the event looked from where we sat, and how the fans were really into the whole Wrestling phenomena.  After Kurt Angle defeated Chris Benoit, the fans gave Benoit a standing ovation for the effort he gave, and from being in the Fleet Center for many events in the past, it had to have been one of the five loudest moments i've ever experienced as a fan there. called the match a possible "Match of the Year" candidate.  

Not every match was a smooth one though.   The Triple H vs. Scott Steiner match was very dull, and included a few "messed up moves" by Steiner, which drew plenty of fan booing. The ladies match was also a very hoe-hum event.

By the time I left the Fleet Center that night, I came away very impressed with the whole event, and went as far as purchasing a wrestling game for Playstation2 the next day.   Being a wrestling fan growing up, I can tell you that the old school no-thrills build up to the matches is what I still prefer, but as far as the action in the ring is concerned, Wrestling has certainly changed with the times, and is certainly an athletic event I would want to attend again in the not so near future.