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Sports With The Skip   Volume 1, Edition 10   Tues Jan 14th

Remembering Will McDonough

The Boston Sports World lost a very good man this week as Boston Globe Sportswriter Will McDonough passed away at the age of 67.   McDonough wrote for the Globe longer than I was alive, and the man was still at the top of his game all the way to the end.   His articles were the first any Sports Fan would want to read, as they were always full of valuable inside information that only Will was able to come up with.    He was the MAN to go to as far as the NFL was concerned.   Will's information was so good that even the network pre-game shows would read his article to keep up with the latest news around the league.   He was such a big icon in the world of sports, claiming Bill Parcells and Al Davis as a couple of his best friends.   One of McDonough's most memorable moments was when he cold-clocked Ray Clayborn in the Patriots locker room after a win in 1979.   Will was so good as a beat writer in the NFL, that he became the pioneer for Journalists as the first newspaper guy to be hired for Network Television.    Will McDonough was not only a good sportswriter, but was a great man as well.   Will will be missed.