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Sports with the Skip    Volume 1, Edition 2   Mon.Nov 4th

NFL Football:   Well, the Patriots survived the first Bledsoe Bowl with an impressive win on the road this week, 38-7 over the Bills.    Both Brady and Bledsoe threw for over 300 yards in the game, but it was Brady's 4 Touchdowns that will be talked about.    Personally, I think that Drew Bledsoe is the man, and it was too bad that he was shipped out of town.   He will still be my favorite New England Patriot of all time.    Even I could have thrown for 300 yards versus the Bills defense this week.    How many of those passes were thrown over 10 yards?   Tom Brady fits this system perfectly, but for anyone to ever compare Brady to Bledsoe is to compare a Yugo to a Mercedes.   NEVER DO IT!    In other NFL action this week..........What do Chad Hutchinson, Ray Lucas, and Shane Matthews all have in common?   THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!   How can these guys be NFL Quarterbacks?    Hutchinson and Matthews may have excuses, because they lack the overall talent around them.....but Lucas?   How can he be anybody's backup QB?   

NBA:    NBA season started this week........zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz.   Celtics two games into the season had already lost a game by the biggest margin of victory in team history.    Vin Baker is not the answer.    Too many Celtic role players were not resigned this year, and could be the big difference between Eastern Conference Finalist to non-playoff team.    Pierce's 46 though versus the Knicks was a nice sign in the Celtics getting their first win of the season Saturday Night.

NHL:   Bruins............looked like a minor league team on opening night, but then an impressive 8 game unbeaten streak.   Not bad, not bad!!!!!  Then, on Halloween night, the same Bruin team was dressed up as a minor league team again, losing in a lackluster effort at home to Anaheim, before the smallest crowd in Fleetcenter history (9,000+).   Wonder if the fans are still bitter over not signing Guerin and/or Dafoe.

MLB:   Red Sox still looking for a GM (How hard is it?).   Will the new owners step up and resign Cliff Floyd?

CFB:   BC had a very impressive win this weekend over Notre Dame, where they out Notre Damed Notre Dame.    A great story was brewing out in South Bend on this cinderella ND team, but face it Irish fans, your team is a FRAUD........and yet your bitter fans whined about how ND dominated BC and should have won the game.........BC BEAT YOU AT YOUR OWN GAME.........FRAUDS ND, FRAUDS...............4 out of the remaining 8 unbeatens went down.......Virginia Tech, NC State, Georgia, and Notre Dame all fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.......leaving Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Bowling Green as the remaining undefeated Division 1A teams.     Tough roads ahead for the first 3......