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Rex's Rants     Volume 1, Edition 4    Tuesday December 17th


Rex was driving Sunday afternoon and tuned the radio to the BC Stoney Brook game. I fully expected to hear BC blowing out the "lowly" Stoney Brook team which is still fairly new to Division 1A hoops, but heard that the game was close.

Ted Nation was in full effect! I had heard from Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas that Ted was the best college hoops play by play announcer because he "gets into it" with so much with passion and enthusiasm. At first I wasn't disappointed by Ted Nation, he was all that I had heard!  The BC team was playing lethargically and Ted was blaming the crowd. There was about 3300-3500 fans on hand at Conte Forum and they obviously weren't loud enough and into the game enough for Teddy Nation. Ted made it a point to let the radio audience know that the crowd was not supporting the team and they should be providing them with support and ovations e
tc...  At first I took it as a good observation by Ted and him using it to help paint the picture-less radio broadcast for the fans listening in. But Ted took it to the extreme, so far that it was obnoxious. Just Ted Nation I guess.

Anyway BC woke up late in the second half and pulled out the win which was marked with a milestone for Troy Bell. He scored his 2000th career point and did it in 98 games making him the fastest player in BC history to do it. After the game T Bell, as I like to call him said most of the right things. For example he said he was unaware that he was that close and that he expected for it to happen in this coming Sundays game against cross town Ivy league Harvard. He also spewed the "I wasn't going to get drafted by an NBA team so I came back to get the wins and set the records"  half true T Bell! Troy now has his sights on breaking local guy and former NBA player Dana Barros all time scoring record. I personally hope he doesn't simply because I like Dana better than Troy.

Craig Smith continues to improve and show signs of the DOMINANT player he is going to be! He shared Player of the Week with some guy from Notre Dame last week and had a young career high 28 points and recorded another triple double. Did I mention that this kid is only a freshman!! Rex predicts by his junior year he will be a high NBA draft and leave school to play where T Bell won't! I can't say enough good things about this kid, he has the size and the skills and it will be most enjoyable to watch him develop from game to game and season to season.

Until next time.....Rex