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Rex's Rants     Volume 1, Edition 3    Tuesday December 10th


> Well the deadline came and went for MLB free agents and there were some big
> names that were offered arbitration and some big names that were pretty
> much told SEE YA by their teams.
> Let' start with the OLDE TOWNE TEAM first, they did offer Cliff Floyd
> arbitration, not sure about this one, maybe young Theo was coerced by
> Larry?
> They did let Ricky the oldest active player Henderson go, he was
> entertaining last season. Maybe his age has mellowed him out a bit or maybe
> he is just too tired! Ugi, we hardly knew you. Is he damaged goods or do
> the Sox not have confidence in his abilities to get the job done?
> Now my favorite team the HATED New York Yankees....they offered
> arbitration to the ROCKET, he wants his 300th win and did say he wanted to
> return to the Bronx Bombers and there were hints he'd sign for less. What
> plans do they have for their bullpen when they cut Mike Stanton and
> Ramiro Mendoza loose, does this mean El Duque is going to the pen full
> time or will George open his wallet and sign some relief?
> Some other more recognizable names that were offered arbitration by their
> respective teams were, Greg Maddux, Braves, Jeff Kent, Giants, and Chuck
> Finley, Cardinals. Hey Chuck get any good beatings from your wife lately?
> Former stars that weren't, 10 time all star Pudge Rodriguez, Kenny
> Rogers, Rangers, Kenny Lofton, Giants, Mike Bordick, O's, and David Justice,
> A's, hey Dave beat any women lately? Most of these guys weren't resigned
> or offered arbitration for obvious reasons. They are old and can't swing
> the bat or throw and catch like they used too! Guys, you've made millions,
> retire and live long and happy!
> The next few weeks should be interesting to see who accepts or rejects
> the offers made to them. Also the dollar amounts offered will set the tone
> for all of MLB in the near future part of the market correction under way.
> It will also be interesting to see where the "old horses" wind up. Stay
> tuned...
> Until next time, Rex