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Rex's Rants     Volume 1, Edition 2    Tuesday December 3rd


Rex would like to apologize to his few fans for not contributing more. My
last RANT was more of an inside joke thing with Skip and not everyone got
it. Sorry about that. With that said let me proceed!

I have always been a big fan of the Los Angles Lakers. Like our beloved
Celtics they have had some great players, won many championships and have a
storied franchise history. Shaq and Kobe sealed up my admiration for the "
enemy" Lakers.  I really wanted them to win the championship again this year
but I'm not so sure now. One of the biggest reasons I have been such a fan
is because they have their stars and superstars but they also played as a
team. Everyone knew their roles and had players coming off the bench
contributing. Sure they run the triangle and look for Shaq or Kobe fiddles
and diddles but you have Rick Fox playing tough D and Robert Horry knocking
down the big TREY to put the Lakers ahead or pull out a win. Even Brian Shaw
the other Celtic cast off contributes. This season started off a little for
the reigning champs, Shaq Daddy had surgery, which is another story on why
he waited; bottom line was the Champs looked like chumps and were loosing!
Usually a championship team would learn from their losses and come together
as a team. Instead the Lakers were starting to unravel even more. Kobe had
to go to the media with his remarks about his teammates coming off the
bench. Specifically not having their heads in the game.
Maybe his teammates should go to the media and tell Kobe the SUPERSTAR to
keep things in the locker room and on the practice court. Maybe Kobe the
superstar that went to the NBA right out of highschool needs to grow up!
Maybe his teammates coming off the bench should use the media to remind Kobe
that they helped win the last three seasons and without them, Kobe might not
be on the defending championship team. Keep your whining to yourself Kobe,
be a man and address your concerns with you teammates face to face and do
not use the media. Dry you eyes Kobe cuz SHAQ is back!

Rex has had the pleasure of enjoying some local Big East college basketball
courtesy of Skip's season ticket to the men's BC basketball team.  So far we
have seen some good hoops, I wouldn't say consistent but decent. Troy Bell
disappointed me, maybe it was the hype about him going to the NBA, but Rex
thinks that he is a very good college basketball player and definitely has
some skills, but not NBA skills. The player that Rex is really high on and
will go out on a limb and predict he goes to the NBA is the freshman forward
Craig Smith. He has the offensive skills and the size, I question his speed
and commitment to playing defense, but then again, and he is only a
freshman! I look forward to watching him and the rest of the BC Eagles this

Until next time...Rex