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Rex's Rants            Volume 1, Edition 8        Wed Feb 5th

Hello Sports Fans! There's an awful lot going on in the sports world these
days and Rex is so excited he thought he'd make a quick comment on a few of
the bigger things and points of interest. Rex likes to talk in the third
person, kinda reminds him of Wade Boggs!

First off, warmer weather is just around the corner and with it comes golf
and MLB.  Ernie Els is off to an unbelievable start he has won 3 out the 4
tournaments that he has played in. Will his winning ways continue when Tiger
returns? Does anyone know when Tiger is returning??

Now MLB, I don't know about you but Rex is pretty tired of hearing about
George and the Evil Empire and the payroll and luxury tax etc. Three teams
come to mind the Angels, A's and D-Backs! Pitchers and catchers report soon.

BC hoops....SPANKED UConn this past weekend and now they are trying to say
that UConn players had heard about their coaches cancer, too bad for Coach,
poor excuse for your spanking, take it like the men you are supposed to be!
St Johns on 2/5/03, calender night too!

The NHL had their All Star game, good hockey and an exciting finish with the
shoot out!

The NFL Pro Bowl was played last Sunday. The AFC beat up on the NFC. Now we
know why Ditka wanted Rickey so bad down in New Orleans. Speaking of Ditka,
there was a rumor he wanted to coach the Lions but that's all but a given on
who is going to get it. One question for you Mike Ditka, WHY?

The NBA All Star weekend in coming up, probably a boring game of nothing but
3's. Yao Ming will be starting over Shaq, maybe that will motivate him to
get into shape! Pierce and Walker will be representing the C's. They were
added as reserves. Says something about the fans perspective on the Green.
What's up with the skid lately, hopefully the break will give them some rest
and they can come back and finish strong.

Until next time....Rex