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Rex's Rants    Volume 1, Edition 7       Monday Jan 27th


Skip and Rex took in the BC vs Notre Dame men's bball game Saturday afternoon and it was a thriller, too bad BC lost in OT. The atmosphere at Conte Forum was what college athletics is all about. The game was a sell out and we experienced that when we were trying to get a parking spot. The line was long, the spots were all full and the BC Police were out in full force. We lucked out and got a decent spot courtesy of one of BC's finest.

During the walk into the Forum from the parking lot we got the first sense of the excitement to come. The crowd was full of alum and current co-eds, young children and everyone in between. We went through the turnstiles and could hear the BC band in the main walk way, it was the first time this season we'd seen that. The band was getting psyched and fired up the way you see sports teams do, cheering and yelling! They lined up and the drummers started, the band began marching and singing the BC fight song. You could hear them through out Conte! Skip and I were tempted to fall in at the end of the line and participate but neither of us sing well or play a musical instrument.

We went up to our seats but decided to talk a chance on the "red seats" behind the basket. My seat was a mess, the result of a dropped pizza or hot dog smeared with ketchup and mustard, topped of with a splash of coke! That along with the crowd reinforced our decision to try the red seats hoping we wouldn't be embarrassed and told to move. We lucked out and made it through the game and OT in comfort with empty seats between and either side of us. A young male student sat next Rex for a few and left after a while but later, the female concession workers sat next to and stood behind us. A few of them knew the game and players and made some educated statements. Rex was impressed!
They also had some raunchy comments which were quite amusing! Them being around added to the whole college sports excitement experience.

The crowd was into the game from the opening tap and the Eagle superfans were out in full force! One Super Fan would go to one of the stairway balconies facing the student section and would lead the crowd in an E-A-G-L-E-S cheer. He was very entertaining to say the least! Towards the end of the OT, the Superfans engaged the Notre Dame fans and were chanting 14-7, 14-7, 14-7, which is the score of the schools football game earlier in the year. BC won 14-7 by the way!

Notre Dame looked like they were going to live up to their ranking at the start of the game and blow BC out. They went to the hoop with authority when they wanted and there outside shots were falling like rain. BC just couldn't stop them and trailed by only 10 at the half.

A controversial jump ball call close to the end of the second half looked like the ref's had helped seal the loss but BC fought back and tied it up! Troy Bell, seems like he has regressed since his sophomore year, had a highlight reel al
ley-oop to get the home crowd worked up into a frenzy. He also had 31 points but also had lots of turnovers that hurt at key times. My boy Craig Smith, 3 time Big East Rookie of the week so far this season, had trouble establishing his usual dominant inside game. He did have his usual 20 including a couple of thunderous dunks! But it just wasn't enough. The game going into OT, the excitement and fun of big time college sports was an excellent start to Super Bowl weekend. GO BUCS!
Until next time, Rex.....