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Rex's Rants                     Volume 1, Edition 1                Friday October 4th, 2002


MLB Playoffs
The Fix is in…

This fan wonders if Vince McMahon from the Wwe was involved in the negotiations and talks that averted the baseball strike. 
The owners of the small market teams were crying poor mouth, can't compete with the big market teams, and can't compete with the George stienbrenners of the league.
Seems to me that the collusion accusations of strikes and strike threats in the past have come to light in this years playoffs. I believe Vince and Shane and even Stephanie McMahon were at the strike talks and convinced the owners to go the route of wrestling and fix the out come and apparently they agreed.
Vince said listen up owners, fans love a villain and an underdog, and they will tolerate the villains as long as the underdog wins in the end. They agreed to have the yankee take a fall in the first round of this years playoffs to let the underdog angels play either the small market poor a's or the contraction bound twins. Everyone wins. George and his Yankees already have more rings than can be worn at one time, the Yankees rake in millions with their popular logos and sales of the popular players jerseys and lets not forget the Yes network. They can sit out this year. The least they could have done is let the series go the 5 games….
Rex, a disillusioned fan