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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 2   Tues Dec 3rd

Welcome Sports fans to another week of Kurtz KommentaryÖ

This week I would like to talk about Thanksgiving day pigskin brought to you by the NFL. May be its me but I am so sick and tired of seeing the Lions and the Cowboys. The Lions for as long I  have known them have not been a good team. Yes they did have the great Barry Sanders and he was treat to watch, but even when he was running well they still stunk. The game this year vs. the Super Bowl Defending  Champion New England Patriots was down right boring . The Pats just played with them. I think they may use this game to help cure insomnia around the world.

Now Americaís team the Dallas Cowboys . I know they have a head a great past but now they are a joke. They won against the Skins and Emmitt had great game which was nice to see but over all they are boring coming into that game they average only 11 points a game. Until Jerry Jones hires a GM they will never be good, but thatís a different article. Keep the cheerleaders and get rid of the team on Thanksgiving.

My suggestion is get rid of the traditional teams and use the MNF rules only good teams on National Games not everyone deserves to be on national TV.. If the Lions get good or the Cowboys show up again they will get back on Turkey Day. On Thanksgiving you are going to be tired from stuffing your face all day. So is it so hard to have the NFL have some good teams on TV that day to help keep you awake. I canít remember a time I did not see anyone not fall asleep as we watched the traditional  turkey day games. So please NFL powers change your Turkey day format or the Egg Bowl will become the only good football game on turkey day and that is not saying much.