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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 4   Tues Dec 17th

Well hello again sports fans and welcome to another edition of Kurtz Kommentary

Well sports fans last weekend I tried watching the former greatest player in the NBA Michael "Air" Jordan and I came to the conclusion that Michael you are ruining your once great legacy. I was watching  him play the  Nets on TV and it was a joke he went 5 for 20 from the field. This from a guy who when he left the game he hit the game winning shot in the NBA finals. Can anyone think of a better way to leave the game ? This season he started out as the 6th man. This a man who would scored 50 points while puking his guts out between time outs. Now he is in the starting role and he is playing worse and worse every night. His field goal percentage this year is whopping  43 % his previous career field goal percentage was 49%.

Lets talk  about his off court problems as well. He is currently trying to settle a 5 million dollar court case that he gave some girl he was having a affair with to keep the relationship quiet. He was also trying to mend his marriage to his wife due to his affairs. This was a guy who could do no wrong while playing before he retired the second time.

So when Jordan hangs it up after this season he will no be remembered as the man who hit the game winning shot over Jazz in the finals but as a guy who is averaging 16 points a game who when he retired had a career average of 30 points a game. MJ itís enough settle with David Stern and get those pictures  back he must have on you to make you keep playing. I canít take another night of watching u score 2 points in 40 minutes like vs. the Raptors last game. MJ see you on the golf course soon ..PLEASE!!!