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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 3   Tues Dec 10th

Well hello again sports fans and welcome to another edition of Kurtz Kommentary..

Well our college bowl season is set and I donít care. I am a big time college football fan and to me the BCS has secured us a National Championship game but to me has done nothing but water down the other BCS bowls. When I see the BCS I just take out the C because to me itís BS. With so much focus on the Fiesta Bowl being the National Title game this year, makes me wonder why should I watch the other bowl games. To me they are all glorified exhibition games. I could care less who wins because it  has no bearing on the National  Championship. The BCS games besides the Fiesta Bowl are all just trying to make the most money for each other and not try to give us games that mean something. How about make the top 4 teams play on the same day and the winner of those games play the next week. So you have more than one game that means something.

So please do not buy into the hype that BCS is good for college football. Itís not and until they get a true playoff system like they do for every NCAA sport but Division 1-A football. The BCS will fail soon. Last year they gave us a great game in the Rose Bowl a over matched Nebraska team that in their last game had scored 60 points scored on them and not even their conference champion. I am waiting for the day when they have 3 big time college teams unbeaten and see who they take for the title game and the BCS will be show for what is BS. Enjoy another great watered down bowl season thanks to the BCS.