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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 1   Tues Nov 26th

Well hello sports fans and welcome to Kurtz Kommentary. In this column I will be writing on specific things I see in sports or non-sports issues.

Let me start by saying I am a huge college football fan, but something's have to change in college football. This last Saturday as I was watching the end of the Ohio State Vs Michigan game and could not help but think if they are the best team in the Big 10. When you have 2 teams that finish with undefeated conference records and never play each other that is just wrong. Iowa is undefeated in the Big 10 and only loss came early in the year to a good Iowa State team. So if this a possibility that you could have 2 teams finish with undefeated conference record why not have a Conference championship game like the SEC,Big12 and MAC. So you have now Ohio State going to the fiesta bowl as CO-big ten champs in my eyes. How hard would it be for the Big Ten to have a title game, to me not hard at all. Iowa finished their season a week ago now will not play for almost 6-7 weeks and Ohio State just finished Saturday. So both teams could have almost 2 weeks to get ready for a Big Ten title game. Wake up Big Ten get up to speed on the way you decide your conference championship. The next thing you should do is change your name to the Big 11 you have 11 teams not 10 any more since you added Penn State.

Have a great week sports fans and enjoy your holiday.