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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 7   Tues Jan 21st

Well hello again sports fans and welcome to another edition of Kurtz Kommentary

Well I must say I was wrong about the Bucs, they are not paper champions. They showed the true heart of a champion. No one gave them a chance and they came through. They showed how they are true champions by going into to the place that no said they could win at, in the cold and getting down 7-0 less than one minute into the game.

What does this win mean ? As a person who was born and raised in Tampa it means more than anything that can be measured. I sat there for so many of the 14 double digit losing seasons . I used to say wow a 8-8 or 7-9 year would be enough. Then they turned the corner finally and became one the NFLís elite but still no Super Bowl appearance. I used to say to myself would this ever happen or ask otherís whose teams had gone to the big game how it felt to just imagine my life long dream of seeing this team reach the pinnacle of the NFL. As Barber ran down the field to ice the game with that 92 yard TD interception my eyes filled with tears as my dream was coming to life in front of me. The years of frustration of being called a fan of the worst franchise in sports history. People laughed at me, told me give up, and root for a team that wins. I said never the Bucs are in my blood from Buco Bruce (The Winking pirate on the old helmets) to the time being out numbered by visitor fans in our own stadium.

This is the greatest moment in Tampa Bay sports history. This town lives and breathes Bucs football. Tampa Bay Fans smile now and enjoy the week. I am going to borrow a line from the former head ball coach at UF. "They can call me arrogant, they can call me cocky, but one thing you canít call me is a loser." Tampa you are no longer a loser.  Celebrate and now get behind this team for Sunday. This Sunday will be our night this town has the feel to it now and so does this team. GO BUCS!!