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Kurtz Kommentary's   Volume 1, Edition 6   Thurs Jan 2nd

Happy New Year Sports Fans and  welcome to another edition of Kutz Commentary ..

Well Bill Parcells is back in the NFL again and I think this is going to be a interesting  marriage. How can anyone take what Parcells for anything but a ego maniac.  All he does try to get the attention on him in anywhere he has been or rumored to go to. All he says is that he has coached his last game everywhere he goes. He told us that after he took the New England job this would be it for him and he went on to coach the Jets. He leaves the Jets and says all my coaching days are done. Well then just last year he signs a contract with the Bucs then bails out on them. I agree he is a great coach but he is also a ego maniac all he does is what himself in the spotlight. We all know how Jerry Jones is and he is the same way.

Coach Parcells once said after he left the Patriots "They want you to cook the dinner but at least they can let you buy the groceries." To me that will kill the relationship between Jones and The Big Tuna. Jerry loves to be in the spotlight and thatís what got Jimmy Johnson out of Big D. I know they may have a agreement now but when if Dallas starts to get better who will take the credit Parcells or Jones. Jerry Jones will not let all the credit go to Parcells and thatís why they struggle now because Jones wanted to show everyone he could build a winner as GM.

I think next year the Big Tuna will get his head handed to him. He has no QB and that may change in the off season but over all there are 4 games that stand out the most. They play the Giants and you know they will want to beat the old coach especially with  the enemy colors of the Cowboys. He will also play the Jets a team he said he once said he coached his last NFL game for and they have a good team will want to bury the Tuna. They will also play New England I think the Mr. Kraft will give his team extra motivation for this one. The last of the 4 games will be against Bucs a team he has toyed with many times and signed a contract wi th and then they he left them hanging in the wind.

So welcome back Tuna and I hope you get your ego handed to you on plate and this marriage between Mr. Jones and Mr. Parcells will not last long . This divorce could be uglier than the one he had in real life last year.