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This Week's Edition of "Between the Boards"

Well hello again hockey fans and welcome to another edition of between the boards Ö

Well lets start in the Eastern Conference and talk about the biggest news last week in the East and that to me is the injury to Pavel Bure. He has a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the season. This is a tough injury for the Rangers as they where just starting to get going and show that ownership was getting what they where paying for from their  high price talent. Since the injury they have lost 3 in a row. It will be interesting to see if they pull together or continue their slide. How good are the Bruins ? They are very good this week they lose to the Blues 4-0 and then get 3 wins after that loss. (2 of them in OT). This team is just heads and tails better than any one in the East and may be the NHL. The Flyers continue to have trouble scoring., in 3 games last week they score a total of 4 goals. They make a deal to get Marcus Ragnerson for Dan Mcgillis to try to help their special teams. Look for a big deal soon from Bobby Clarke he will not sit back and lets this team continue to sink in the standings. This week we had the rematch of the most heated playoff series last year when the Isles played there much anticipated rematch with the Leafs on Long Island. The game was won by the Isles but fans still want more in revenge on Roberts and Tucker. This could turn out to be a great rival in the NHL. How much have the Bolts missed Jassen Cullimore? Since he has been hurt the Bolts have been tied or leading in 3rd period in there last 6 games and have gone 1-5 losing 2 in OT. Jay Feaster must make a deal soon or see the great start this team had go to waste.

Now lets look at the Western Conference. What has happen to the once mighty Avs? Colorado was once a dominate team at the Pepsi Center, they are currently 3-5-5-1 at home. They are currently 8th in the west and are looking to make a big deal to help spark this team. They already have 8 ties this season and that is not a sign of a contender. Now we will focus on the great North West where most of out news comes from this week. Vancouver finally saw its game winning streak stopped this week by the Isles but then had a nice win in OT over the Devils at the Meadowlands. This team if they keep it up may be the team in the West to beat. Also in the Northwest the Oilers are red hot as well they where unbeaten in 8 until the Bolts ended that but since then they have won 2 straight. They have only as a team given up 65 goals in 28 games that is only 2.32 a game. They are making the job of Tommy Salo very easy. In Calgary this week the Flames let go of coach Greg Gilbert a coach  very well liked when hired by all NHL experts. The Flames had to make a change the players had tuned him out and itís easier to get rid of the coach than the team.  I hope Gilbert gets another chance soon because he is a good coach. When you go to fill out that All-star ballet and looking for a goalie for the West look no further than Jocelyn Thibault he has 12 wins, 1.99 GAA and a .922 save percentage.

1. Miroslav Satan - in his last 3 games 4 goals and 3 helpers.
2. Martin St. Louis - 16 goals and 15 helpers this season from a guy who stands may be 5 foot 8 inches  and signed by the Bolts 2 years ago as UFA for the league minimum of $200,000.
3. Eddie Belfour gets his 5th shutout of the season last week.
4. Marian Gaborik leads all NHL Goal Scorers with 18 goals and has this season already  3 hat tricks.

1. Gary Bettman- Its seems like every month the rules change and never know what  penalty is any more. Stop killing this game if itís a penalty in October is a penalty in December.
2. The Bolts only 2-5-1-2 in their last 10 games.
3.The Pens have lost 4 in a row and injuries are starting to mount.
4. The Flames players for quitting on their coach.

Have a great Hockey Week Everyone !!!!!!!!!!